The USDA home loan is a mortgage loan backed by the United States Department of Agriculture. Targeting rural and suburban home buyers, USDA mortgages are among the last remaining zero-down payment mortgage programs on the market.

  • 0 Down payment – USDA loans are the last 0 down home mortgage loans available. Availing of the loan means low out-of-pocket costs and 100% financing.
  • Lenient Eligibility Requirements – USDA loans aim to provide better housing choices for low to moderate income homebuyers.
  • More Homes Qualify – USDA loans was referred to as “farmer loans” to help them purchase homes in rural areas. However many locations are now available including suburban areas of metropolitan cities.
  • Lower Rates – USDA loans have comparatively lower rates compared to conventional mortgages. Interest rates are also fixed keeping monthly payments to manageable level.